Best Places to Live on Lake George (Part 2 of 4)

The southwest end of Lake George is the most populated area on the entire lake with a mixture of both residential and commercial properties. Just off of Interstate 87, it’s an easy commute from the Capital District, as well as for those traveling from New Jersey, New York City and even Canada. The easy access and the many restaurants, stores and activities are part of the reason people choose to live on Lake George’s southwestern end.

Lake George Village & Parks

Before continuing on to Diamond Point and into Bolton Landing, the southwest end starts at the Town of Lake George. Lake George Village has a high density of stores, restaurants, hotels and motels, including a Price Chopper grocery store and a new Courtyard Marriot. The 200 year-old Lake George Steamboat Company is also located at the base of Lake George, along with Lake George Shoreline Cruises & Restaurant. Both offer several cruises a day for sightseeing, conventions and weddings.

There are also two great parks in Lake George Village. Shepard Park, located in the center of town, features a beach, a playground and an amphitheater for summer concerts, which conclude each September with the annual Jazz Festival. Charles R. Wood Park, located on Beach Road, is a 12.5 acre facility built to house festivals and accommodate conventions.

Diamond Point

As you head north on Route 9N, you’ll find beautiful mansions and luxury homes. These residential properties are interspersed between Lake George motels, both on the lake and the western side of the road. The first bay on the southwest end of Lake George is Boulder Bay, which is mostly outlined with commercial properties. However, the privately owned Tea Island, is located just on its outskirts.

Further north is Diamond Point, which still has some commercialization, but it’s mainly a residential area. There are also several marinas located on the southwest end of Lake George – Yankee Boating Center, Gilchrist Marina, Beckley's, Bolton Marina, Smith's Marina and Norowal Marina, just to name a few.  

Lake George Bays & Islands 

The southwest end of Lake George is scattered with beautiful bays, starting with the afore mentioned Boulder Bay and continuing to Still Bay, Orcutt Bay, Boon Bay, Basin Bay and Huddle Bay before ending at Northwest Bay. You’ll also find a few state-owned islands along this section of the lake, but the southwest end is mainly home to several of Lake George’s private islands, including the Canoe Islands, Three Brothers Islands, Crown Island, Clay Island, Recluse Island, Hiawatha Island and Oahu Island. (Note: Elizabeth Island and 14 Mile Island were mentioned in my post about living on the southeast end of Lake George.) Many of the islands have main lake access for parking a boat and car, but for those that don’t, residents and guests must find rental locations at the area marinas. 

Lake George Luxury Homes

There are several points of land that extend out into Lake George, making them a wonderful setting for lake houses. Starting from the south and heading north, you’ll find Harman Point, Cramer Point, Cooper Point, Cannon Point, Hemlock Point, Cotton Point, Fish Point, Treasure Point, Bell Point and Walker Point. All of these areas feature extremely desirable luxury homes and some of the most expensive real estate on Lake George. 

Bolton Landing

The last town, before going over the Tongue Mountain Range and into the northwest end of Lake George, is the charming town of Bolton Landing. There is a centrally located grocery store and a variety of restaurants and stores for year-round convenience. 

Between Treasure Point and Bell Point, you’ll also find Green Island, which is attached to the mainland with a bridge, and home to The Sagamore resort. The Sagamore is a huge attraction for Bolton with its condominiums, private rooms, variety of restaurants, in house spa and stores, swimming pool and golf course – and you can’t beat its location for stunning views of Lake George.  


Northwest Bay

Just north of Bolton is the largest bay on the lake, Northwest Bay. This bay is like a finger off the main thoroughfare of Lake George. Its eastern side is mostly forever wild forest with scattered state land and hiking trails throughout a long connected range of mountains, while the western shore is mostly residential with an occasional commercial property. At the northern half of the bay you’ll find some of the largest estates on Lake George with more acreage than the average residence. These are desirable locations because of their privacy yet easy accessibility to Bolton and Interstate 87.


Interested in Buying a Home on Lake George?

One of the best aspects of living on the southwest end of Lake George is the plethora of things to do and the large assortment of houses from which to choose. If you’re interested in learning more about Lake George Real Estate or searching for your dream property on the lake, contact me to set up a meeting today or call (518) 361-0230.


Lonnie Lawrence is a licensed real estate broker and lifetime resident of Lake George. Her 40+ years of experience and vast knowledge of the region have made her an expert on Lake George Real Estate.