A Day in the Life of a Lake George Real Estate Broker

Lonnie Lawrence is a licensed real estate broker and lifetime resident of Lake George. Her 40+ years of experience and vast knowledge of the region have made her an expert on Lake George Real Estate.

I didn’t always know I wanted to be in real estate

In fact, I graduated from Albany State College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology, Audiology and Psychology. However, when government cutbacks made it impossible to find work in my field as a clinical speech pathologist, I sought other means of employment.

Charles Jefts asked me to join his real estate firm in 1976, and I’ve been helping clients buy and sell properties in Lake George ever since. From there, I went on to work with other local firms, including 32 years with Robert W. Leavitt, before forming Sherwood Group LLC with my partners Gregg and Jennifer Sherry in 2013.

My associates and I specialize in selling real estate in Lake George and its neighboring areas. We cover 32 miles on both sides of the lake, including, Katskill Bay (Pilot Knob, Rockhurst and Cleverdale), Queensbury, Lake George, Diamond Point, Bolton Landing, Silver Bay, Hague, Ticonderoga, Glenburnie, Gull Bay and Huletts Landing.

A typical day in real estate does not exist

Each day brings new challenges, mixed in with the familiar, and we really never know what to expect. Even so, there are a few tasks that every real estate broker encounters on a regular basis.

  • Interviewing prospective clients. Whether on the phone, in person, or via email and texting, the purpose of the interview is to collect as much information about the property as possible, and to understand both the seller’s and buyer’s needs.
  • Adding new listings to the database. In order to gain exposure and properly publicize properties, they must be added to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system.  
  • Promoting current listings. This includes obtaining all the documents needed for each property’s successful promotion, as well as taking photos, and creating a listing that will appeal to the target audience.
  • Educating buyers. It’s the real estate broker’s responsibility to consistently send buyers information about new listings and properties that are applicable to them.
  • Following market trends. In addition to looking for properties that will appeal to their buyers, successful real estate brokers keep current on industry trends and constantly research house prices within the regions that they buy and sell.
  • Communicating with property owners. It’s important to provide sellers with updates and keep them informed about the existing market and current sale prices.
  • Showing properties. Open houses and property showings are crucial to making a sale, and in the second home/vacation home market, a property is often shown over the course of several years.   
  • Attending community events. Knowing the community and establishing trust is key. Serving on local councils and joining community organizations provides real estate brokers with insight into the regions they serve and helps with personal promotion. 

Interested in learning more about Lake George Real Estate or searching for your dream property on the lake? Contact me to set up a meeting today or call me at (518) 361-0230!